Gate Valves Are Made of the Special Material of Hastelloy C276

As a company keeping an aim of development, we are always interested in trying new valve product types and eager to try new materials as well as new designs. Of course, new customers are warmly welcome.
Recently, we have got a chance from our customers to manufacture the gate valves made of the special material of Hastelloy C276, which was a challenging task for us at the very beginning, but turned out a great success finally. We learned a lot from this project. Let’s review some details of manufacturing the gate valves as the following.
Compared with normal materials like WCB, the machining speed of the Hastelloy C276 was much lower. In order to ensure that the delivery of the gate valves would be on time, we had to arrange the night shift. So here is a lesson that delivery of the valves should be carefully considered next time if it is the similar order.
When it comes to the hydraulic testing phase, another problem occurred. The stellite material cannot be welded onto Hastelloy C276 by the normal welding process. If the normal welding process is adopted, little cracks will occur on the sealing face of the valve during the test. Fortunately we managed to solve the problem in the end by heating the wedge with the electric furnace.
Through this project, we have accumulated valuable experience in manufacturing hastelloy products, which lays a solid foundation for our future business and makes us confident in providing similar valve products for our clients.
Source: China Valves Manufacturer – Yaang Pipe Industry (

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